WEB 2016 Webinar Series:

Are Employers Still Hot on Private Exchanges? Results from the Chelko/WEB Employer Survey

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CENTRAL TIME

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The results are in! You are invited to join us on Wednesday, April 27th at 1:00pm (ET) for a special learning opportunity regarding employer interest in private exchanges. This year, the Worldwide Employee Benefits (WEB) Network partnered with the Chelko Consulting Group to survey employers regarding their views of private exchanges. This is the fourth year of Chelko's survey and this year's findings are particularly interesting.

Join us and learn what employers are really thinking about exchanges. Survey findings include what employers view as the major advantages and disadvantages of exchanges. They also reveal their concerns, value expectations and more. During the webinar, you will also receive insights from independent industry experts regarding exchange successes and failures.


Rick Chelko (Moderator)
Rick Chelko started the Chelko Consulting Group in 2001, after a series of executive positions in the health insurance industry and Big 4 Consulting. Over the last 15 years, his firm has established itself as an accomplished, boutique consulting firm. It often has a particularly independent, and data-driven perspective in a market dominated by multi-national advisory firms that are increasingly brokering their own commission-based solutions (i.e. private exchanges, benefits administration services, and PBM collaboratives). As a past president of the WEB National Board, Rick is recognized in the industry among the leading health care benefits experts.

Lisa Miklich
Lisa Miklich serves as the Chelko Consulting Group's practice leader with respect to private exchanges. In this role, she has helped some of Chelko's largest clients (Fortune 500 companies) develop their private exchange strategies and assessed/negotiated arrangements for them with national exchange solution providers.

Mark Geissbauer
Mark Geissbauer is in charge of business and product development at Chelko and has helped to develop its suite of Independent Evaluator private exchange services and knowledge resources.

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